Discover natural aromas and exquisite tastes

Discover natural aromas and exquisite tastes



     The company was registered in 2020, and currently has total 500 HA. The main purpose was to enhance the fruit & vegetable supply with the country and mainly export. The orchards mainly consist of 3 (three) slots in total 500 HA in the north part of the country.

     The company procured special saplings (upon request variety list could be provided) from the Europe and procured agricultural technical tools from the Italy and there are more than 400 employees in the company. It is the biggest fruit garden in the region according to the fruit variety, since 250 HA is only the cherries. The rest (150 HA) is pear, apricots, nectarines and cacchis. In 100 HA its cultivated vegetables, mainly eggplants, potatoes and green pepper.

     Our target is to expand our lands and establish pomegranate, wholegrain and wheat plantations in separate phases accordingly.


  • Product quality and freshness

    Product quality and freshness

  • Diversity and availability

    Diversity and availability

  • Environmental responsibility

    Environmental responsibility